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The NRH Patient Experience Project

This innovative project, funded by a private donor through the NRH Foundation, brings together  a series of animations, patient voices and staff inputs on a wide range of topics relevant to living with an acquired disability.  

The suite of videos captures voices of experience from patients and staff across the NRH to provide supportive, educative and interesting videos for peer support, teaching and training purposes.  The animations and videos will be of value to patients, staff and community professionals seeking to understand more about the experience of disability.  Included in the series are information on: ‘Reactions to sudden disability’, ‘Resilience’, ‘Learning and Memory’, ‘Hidden Disability’,  ‘Brain Health and Recovery’, ‘Family Coping’, ‘Managing Stress and Distress’, ‘Loss of Identity’ and ‘Managing Depression’ from the psychology department.

The video above is one of the videos in the series, with many patients of the NRH telling of their personal story. 

If you would like more information on the rest of the videos in this series, please contact the NRH foundation at:

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