Sisk Group donation to the paeds programme in the NRH

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Sisk Group Donates to the Paediatric Programme

Just before Christmas the Paediatric Unit received a big surprise from the Sisk Group.  Sisk were looking to donate hand crafted furniture and toys to children’s hospitals.  When a Patient in the NRH, with a connection to Sisk, made them aware that the NRH was a children’s hospital too, a delivery was quickly sent out to the NRH.  The NRH Paediatric Programme were overwhelmed with this kind gesture and were very thankful for this magical delivery of beautiful furniture and toys for the paediatric programme.  These toys bring joy to the paed’s patients while also helping them on their rehabilitation journeys.  Thank you so much to the NRH Patient and the Sisk Group for thinking of the NRH Foundation, your actions really brought some magic and sparkle to the NRH at Christmas!    

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