Niamh Malone

Mini Marathon for NRH

Set up by Niamh Malone

Hi Everyone, In January this year my mam gave us quite the scare when she had a stroke. Its been a hectic few months and it’s so hard to watch someone you love lose their independence. She has recently been transferred to the NRH and from the minute we visited it was a weight lifted from our shoulders. Everything they do is focused on making their patients feel comfortable and working hard to give them their best shot and getting that independence back. I will be taking part in the mini marathon this year and raising funds to help with the amazing work the NRH foundation does.

​Help me raise vital funds to support the NRH

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Funding Goal

Target : € 250

​Donations Received

Katie Quinn donated 10.00
Bonita Darcy donated 30.00
Jenny O'Buachalla donated 10.00
Lorna Sexton donated 10.00
"Amazing work Niamh. Best of luck in the race."
Aaron Quinn donated 10.00
Sarah Carragher donated 10.00
"Way to go Niamh 🙌 so proud ❤️"
Rachel O’ Connor donated 20.00
Rachel Cooney donated 10.00
"Best of luck Niamh 🙌"
Audrey Kelly donated 50.00
Laura O Reilly donated 10.00
Alison Malone donated 20.00
Catherine Bailey donated 40.00
"Best of luck niamh"
Emma Bailey Gray donated 30.00
Jenna Bailey Redmond donated 50.00
"Best of luck Niamh 😆"
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