Motomed Challenge

Martin’s MotoMed Challenge

Set up by Martin Lee

I am committing to cycle the distance from Cork where I live at the moment to Monaghan where I am from (264km) on my MotoMed to raise money for a great cause. NRH gave me great care when recovering from a car accident and does fantastic work for wheelchair users such as myself.

​Help me raise vital funds to support the NRH

​Please input your donation amount and click the donate button

Funding Goal

Target : € 5000

​Donations Received

Jessica O’Brien donated 0.00
Jessica O Brien donated 10.00
Tom Nolan donated 20.00
"Great work Martin, keep going 👍"
Abbie Conlon donated 10.00
Imelda Lee iwelomen donated 20.00
"I am very proud to be ur sister martin keep up the gud work"
Jamie Glavin donated 25.00
"Martin, what an inspiration you are. Unbelievable effort."
Sophia Kingston donated 15.00
"That's the stuff Martin! your doing Amazing"
Jean Kingston donated 0.00
"Keep up the good work Martin. From Pete’s Mum, Jean"
Stephanie Harrington donated 10.00
"Fantastic job Martin, you're flying it. Keep it going!"
Jeannett Taku donated 10.00
"Jeannett Taku Well done Martin. You are doing an amazing job."
Mary Carr donated 100.00
"Well done Martin x Very proud of you xxx"
Martina Lee donated 20.00
"This is a fantastic idea Martin. We'll done"
Joanne Lee donated 20.00
"Proud of how far you have come bro 💯 💪"
Treacy Emma donated 10.00
Ann Marie kelly donated 10.00
"Well done cuz 👏"
Colum Radford donated 10.00
"Go hiontach ar fád. Maith thú a Martin."
Muna Lamin donated 10.00
"Well done Martin"
Rose Lee donated 25.00
Paul Daly donated 10.00
"Fair play Martin! You're flying it lad!"
Keith Smith donated 20.00
"Well done Martin, amazing effort"
Iain Mays donated 20.00
Jessica Anthony donated 25.00
"Well done Martin! A great achievement for a worthy cause! Jess"
aideen Leahy donated 100.00
"Well done Martin. We are all so proud of you here in Woodbine Lodge"
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