Donate to The NRH, VHI Mini Marathon 2022

Set up by Cait Griffith

This year to mark the 40th anniversary of the mini marathon, I have decided to fundraise for the NRH in Dun Laoghaire. My husband Roslan was a short term resident there as a result of having 2 strokes due to contracting Covid 19. The entire team of various therapies, doctors and nurses worked so diligently to give Roslan back a life as normal as was possible. They work incredibly hard with every patient they have, as anyone who has ever suffered a stroke knows the many challenges they face but the NRH has a fantastic facility where people can go to overcome these difficult challenges and try to live a life as normal and meaningful where possible. I want to give something back to the NRH to say a massive “thank you” for helping Roslan and I to defeat these new circumstances in which we faced, as it was a very trying and emotional time for us but the NRH helped us through every step of the way and we will be forever indebted to them. Please DONATE anything that you can, as every little helps and the money will be going to a just worthy cause so that the NRH can keep providing the wonderful services and assistance that stroke suffers need. Thank you so much.

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Funding Goal

Target : € 500

​Donations Received

Mary Griffith donated 40.00
"I know the difference that the services at NRH has made to Cait's and Roslan's and Sarah's lives, just saying a big 'Thank you'"
Anne Coleman donated 20.00
"Well done Càit. What a lovely way to show your appreciation."
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