Piano donation to the NRH Brain Injury Programme from O'Connor's Jewellery

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Piano Donation to Brain Injury

The NRH Music Therapy Service has received a remarkable gift – a stunning piano donated by the O’Connor Family. This new addition has found a home in the Willow Unit, where music has proven to be an invaluable therapy for individuals dealing with life altering injuries. The piano will be an excellent addition to the NRH Brain Injury Programme, with patients now able to enjoy it for recreation in its new home. Visiting musicians will also bring a new dimension of joy and melody to the Ward. We extend our sincere gratitude to the O’Connor family for their incredible generosity to the NRH.

The Music Therapy Service is currently looking for one more piano donation for the NRH – if you have a good quality piano like in our video and you would like to donate it to the NRH, please contact us on: fundraising@NRH.ie

About Music Therapy in the NRH

“Everyone has a connection to music – it is life! Where would we be without it?!? It is so Inclusive and uplifting”.

Feedback from a NRH patient.

Music Therapy is an evidence-based profession using psychoanalytic theories to inform the therapy process by observing how the children and adults interact with the environment, the therapist, and the music.

Within the Brain Injury Programme, three Music therapy IDT group sessions take place weekly, focusing on physical orientation, communication, and social goals. Interdisciplinary Team (IDT) assessment and treatment sessions for individual patients take the form of collaborative sessions where the music therapist works with other professionals in the NRH on addressing specific shared rehabilitation goals through music. IDT treatment sessions also take place with patients’ family members as appropriate. The Music therapy Assessment Tool of Awareness in Disorders of Consciousness (MATADOC) is used with prolonged disorder of consciousness patients (PDoC) as part of the IDT battery of assessments. A weekly Therapeutic Instrumental Music Performance (TIMP) involves neurologic music therapy group sessions with physiotherapists within the sports therapy service.

Within the Spinal Injury Programme, The ‘Voice Group’ for patients with spinal cord injury is a collaborative Interdisciplinary Team (IDT) initiative with Music Therapy, Speech & Language Therapy and Physiotherapy colleagues. Specific singing techniques, using physiotherapy methods, are used to address vocal strength and breathing. Individual IDT treatment sessions involve the music therapist working with other NRH IDT colleagues to address specific shared rehabilitation goals through music.

Within the POLAR Programme, Music therapy input is provided weekly to both Day-patients and Inpatients through a music therapy and IDT group session. The aim of the sessions is to use music-based methods to support patients in addressing pain relief and facilitate physical, emotional, and social interaction goals. Large number of patients attend weekly.

Within the Paediatric Programme, children and young people receive individual interdisciplinary assessment and treatment interventions. Joint collaborative sessions involve the music therapist working with other NRH professionals on addressing specific shared rehabilitation goals through music. There are also IDT group sessions where music-based methods are applied to support children in achieving their IDT goals.

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