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Merlin’s Magic Wand donate amazing Entertainment Mobile Unit to the NRH Paediatric Programme

We were very lucky last week to have a visit to the NRH Paediatric Programme from Elin and Rebecca of Merlin’s Magic Wand, as they personally delivered their donation of a brand new Entertainment Mobile Unit to the Service.  Merlin’s Magic Wand is the international children’s charity partner of Merlin Entertainments, dedicated to providing magical experiences for children and families who need them most.

This beautifully decorated Mobile Unit is a portable freestanding unit, on wheels, that can be moved to children’s bedside.  It includes TV, XBOX, Controllers and Games, in addition to LEGO and DUPLO drawers with removeable play trays.

This Mobile Unit is an amazing new addition to the Paediatric ‘Daisy Unit’ and will no doubt get a lot of use by all the in-patients of the Service.  Children and young people up to age 18 years who are undergoing intensive rehabilitation at the NRH, as a result of brain injury, limb absence, and spinal cord injury typically stay for two to three months in the Hospital. This Mobile Unit will provide valuable entertainment to these young patients during their stay and can also be integrated into their rehabilitation programmes in an engaging and interactive manner.

In presenting this kind donation to the Paediatric Programme, Elin Parry, Merlin’s Magic Wand’s Magical Programmes Manager, said:

“It’s our aim at Merlin’s Magic Wand to create magical experiences for children who need them most. Gifting a Mobile Unit to a hospital isn’t just about providing entertainment; it’s about empowering young patients to escape the confines of illness, if only for a moment. In a place where routines can feel relentless, and a little magic is needed, we wish you hours of play and magical experiences with this Magic Wand Mobile Unit”.

A heartfelt thank you to Merlin’s Magic Wand for this incredible gift, which will undoubtedly bring great joy and magic to the NRH Daisy Unit.

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