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New Specialist Resuscitation Equipment

Thanks to Mitie and their fantastic staff fundraising event in November 2023, the NRH Foundation has now been able to fund new very specialist resuscitation equipment for the National Rehabilitation Hospital (NRH), which includes a Symbio Rhythm Generator, QCPR Free Standing device, AED Trainers and Child Airway Head.

These invaluable simulation pieces will benefit both the patients and staff of the NRH now and into the future. The Team at the NRH aim to extend their existing services by providing this life saving training to patients’ families and different patient groups also.  The provision of this equipment will accelerate the realisation of this goal.  It will also allow NRH staff to enhance their skills and elevate their levels of competency.

Thank you so much to Mitie for choosing the NRH Foundation as your charity partner in 2023 and for funding these crucial pieces of equipment.

  • The Symbio Rhythm Generator is easy to operate and can be used by staff to meet both training and equipment testing needs. It can be used for simulation of cardiac rhythms in adults and children, mimicking heart function and displaying a tracing on a cardiac monitor screen. Thus, offering students an opportunity to identify rhythms and propose appropriate treatment options.
  • The QCPR Free Standing Device offers feedback on compression quality during CPR Training and cardiac events. It is placed on the patient’s chest and the feedback provided enhances the quality of compressions given to a patient during a resuscitation attempt improving oxygen delivery to the brain and vital organs.
  • The AED Trainers will replace two older models and are needed for all CPR Training Classes. They mimic the action of the AEDs found in healthcare and community settings and prepare the students for use of the live version. They will be used for staff and family support training sessions.
  • The Child Airway Head is a vital training adjunct for the Paediatric unit as children often deteriorate rapidly as their oxygen saturation declines. This manikin will allow staff to train on the specific airway emergencies occurring in children and allow them to explore treatment options. It offers them firsthand training experiences that until now have not been available within the NRH. It comes with its own rhythm generator which will provide more realistic training opportunities. Families can also access training on this manikin before children are discharged home, thus empowering them to meet emergency situations should they arise.
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