Digital Piano Donation to NRH Music Therapy Service and Brain IN jury Programme

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Digital Piano Donation to NRH Music Therapy Service

The NRH Music Therapy Service has recently received an extremely generous donation from the O’Brien Family, in acknowledgement of the difference that Music Therapy played in Darren’s rehabilitation journey in the NRH.  During his journey as an inpatient of the Service, Darren received both individual and group Music Therapy input.  

Music Therapy is a profession that uses prescribed music-based methods to support patients in addressing communication, physical social and emotional rehabilitation goals .  Elaine, Darren’s wife, told us. “Music Therapy reached Darren’s soul and re-connected us as a family, it is such a powerful therapy that needs continuing investment so that more families will benefit from the service.” 

Thanks to this generous donation, the NRH Brain Injury Programme has now been equipped with a new digital piano.  The Hospital has never had a digital piano before so this investment piece is hugely valuable to the NRH Music Therapy Service and will make a real and impactful difference to patients and families of the Service.  As the digital piano has found its new home in the Recreational Therapy Room on the Ash/Rose Units, it will also be available for patients to play and for visitors to enjoy, including guest performances from the National Concert Hall and other Recreational Therapy Volunteers.     

This donation has also enabled the purchase of another new piece of music therapy equipment to add to the NRH’s existing suite of specialist musical instruments.  Through these donated funds the Service was able to purchase a swinging wing chime – a hugely beneficial musical instrument used by Music Therapists when working with patients within the Brain Injury Programme

None of this would have been possible was it not for this amazing donation.  We want to say a MASSIVE THANK YOU to Darren, Elaine and Zoë for their amazing generosity and thoughtfulness in leaving this amazing gift to the NRH.

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