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Mitie Charity Partner 2023

We were delighted to have been Mitie’s chosen Charity Partner for 2023. As a result of the phenomenal amount of €12,100 raised by Mitie for the National Rehabilitation Hospital (NRH), for adults and children, these funds will be used to purchase specialised equipment that is required for Resuscitation Training Education for both child and adult patients in the NRH.

This new equipment will also enable the expansion of the existing service to facilitate training to the families of patients and to various other patient groups.

The balance of the funds raised will be going towards the purchase of a new patient training car on the NRH site.

The NRH has a car, which was purchased in 2008 that is used for patient training for car transfers and doing home visits with patients.

Unfortunately, the car is coming to end of life and requires replacement, the balance of funds will be used to support this project thanks to Mitie.

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