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John Physiotherapist

John Lynch NRH Physiotherapist taking part in wheelchair basketball in the new state of the art NRH Sports Facility (which was fully equipped thanks to donors and fundraisers) during the Spinal Championship Games.

A Day in the Life of a NRH Physiotherapist: this is John’s Story:

I’m a senior physiotherapist in the Spinal Cord System of Care Programme in the NRH. I work as part of an inter-disciplinary team, linking closely with my colleagues in nursing, medical and other allied health professions on a daily basis. My day begins at 08:30 and on an average day I would see 6-7 patients. Each session would last 60-90 minutes. Patient sessions can happen in the ward, in the gym or around the grounds of the hospital. Each session is tailored to the individual patient, focussing on their goals which are agreed with the team at the start of their admission. Sessions mainly focus on improving impairments (e.g. strength, balance, endurance and flexibility), working on functional tasks (e.g. bed mobility, transfers, standing, walking), optimising mobility and assisting with education and problem-solving with patients around their injuries. I employ an evidence-based approach to my treatment with patients to ensure they are getting the best opportunity to improve during their admission. We are fortunate to have a lot of high-tech specialised equipment to assist with treatment sessions, including functional electrical stimulation bicycles, body-weight support treadmills and a variety of standing frames and other equipment. Many of this specialist equipment was purchased thanks to funding received through the NRH Foundation.

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