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Jailbreak 2023

Pat’s Story:

“I suffered a stroke two years ago and was fortunate to have had the benefit of the wonderful care provided by all at the NRH.  My injury was serious, however I have made a good recovery and while of course there continues to be some issues, the NRH provided me with the understanding and tools to manage my condition and maximise my ability and quality of life.  The NRH, unlike other hospitals, specialises in the rehabilitation of people who have suffered life changing injuries, both physical and cognitive.  It brings together an amazing interdisciplinary team of medical professionals, therapists, and support staff, who with the input of patients and families, tailor a programme to cater for the needs of each individual patient, both while in the hospital and following discharge.  I have seen at first hand the extraordinary care, support, dedication, and kindness of all at the NRH and want to give something back in order to express my appreciation for all they have done for me and to support their continuing work.”

Pat took on the challenge of completing the Jailbreak Triathlon at the end of June 2023, which involved a 1,600m swim from Spike Island to Cobh, followed by a 40km cycle and finishing with a 10km run.  Thanks to Pat and his incredible fundraising he has raised a phenomenal €6,899.49 in support of the National Rehabilitation University Hospital (NRH) for adults and children.   Pat has put in a huge amount of time and dedication preparing for this challenge.  We would like to thank Pat for thinking of the NRH and to congratulate him on his amazing accomplishments.  These funds will have a real impact on patient’s rehabilitation journeys in the NRH.  Thank you once again Pat on behalf of the NRH Foundation, and all the staff and patients in the NRH.

NRH Foundation