NRH Sports Championships 2022

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2022 NRH Sports Championships

This will be the 9th year the NRH Sports Championships will take place and this event has expanded from a 1-day event to 4 days long.

Patients who are currently staying in the NRH will take part in a number of sporting events over the 4 days, from swimming to archery to rock climbing to tennis and lots more!

Patients who participate will come from all 4 internal rehabilitation programmes:

🟩 NRH Spinal Programme

🟦 NRH Brain Injury Programme (Including Stroke)

🟧 NRH Limb Absence Programme

πŸŸ₯ NRH Paediatric Programme

We are delighted to partner again with Irish Wheelchair Association, DΓΊn Laoghaire-Rathdown Sports Partnership, Swim Ireland, Spinal Injuries Ireland and Acquired Brain Injury Ireland who help make this a very special event for #NRH patients.



Start: 7 Nov 2022

End: 10 Nov 2022



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