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DR Tom Gregg Annual Bursary Awards 2016

Monday the 9th of May 2016, we had the first Dr Tom Gregg Bursary awards presentation. Henry Murdoch, Chairman of the NRH Foundation, presented the awards to our winners and we were very lucky to be joined by Dr Tom Gregg’s family also.  Each of our winners had applied to the Dr Tom Gregg Bursary Programme.

…. And The Winners Are:

  • Award 1: To enable the ‘Prolonged Disorders of Consciousness Steering Group’ (PDOC)  to undertake a 3 day educational site visit to a German Rehabilitation Facility comparing Practice in the NRH with a German Rehabilitation Facility in the Treatment of Profound Brain Injury.
  • Award 2: Facilitating a specialist cross-programmatic persistent pain education workshop on site to NRH staff.
  • Award 3: To facilitate In-house staff specialist training to Nursing and HCA Teams in the NRH.
  • Award 4: Development of a resource pack for staff working in the ABI Programme and a resource pack about ABI rehabilitation for parents.

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