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DM Thomas Foundation

In 2015, the NRH Foundation very kindly received a generous grant of €9,994 from the DM Thomas Foundation for Young People.  The grant was to support the essential purchase of specialised rehabilitation equipment for the Paediatric Service.

These new products will significantly maximise the rehabilitation potential of our children/adolescents.  The equipment purchased were specifically chosen as they are very specialised to cater for the needs of our unique patient group.   The new kits and play equipment will enable our therapists to use the most up to date cutting edge products to assess and help improve the skills of the children that we work with in the NRH.  In addition, many of the items purchased will be used to provide education and training to families, schools, and community therapists throughout the country.  The products support the areas of fine motor and hand function development, positive behaviour, auditory attention, sensory awareness and many more areas of rehabilitation.  They will enable our therapists to be creative in their approach to rehabilitation with the children in our service.  Thank you so much to the DM Thomas Foundation to so generously supporting the Paediatric Programme in the NRH.

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