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Occupational therapist at the NRH

The Role Of Irish Family Caregivers Please find below details of a study which was funded by the NRH Foundation through the NRH Foundation Grant Scheme.  Alison McCann is a Senior Occupational Therapist in the National Rehabilitation Hospital (NRH).  Through her work in the NRH, Alison has extensive knowledge and experience of working with patients […]

Recreational therapist at the NRH

‘When a hobby is more than just fun’ The NRH Therapeutic Recreational Service continues to improve mental health and physical well-being of patients.  Stuart McKeever, NRH Recreational Therapist, takes us through the importance of Recreational Therapy in the NRH.  The NRH Foundation provides annual grant aid funding to support the running of the Recreational Therapy Service in the […]

Sharon Occupational Therapist

My name is Sharon, I am a Senior Occupational Therapist working in the Paediatric Programme in the National Rehabilitation Hospital (NRH). I also work in the Assistive Technology Clinic and the Discharge Liaison Occupational Therapy service. As part of my work in the Paediatric Programme I work with children with Acquired Brain Injuries, Spinal Injuries […]

John NRH Physiotherapist

A Day in the Life of a NRH Physiotherapist: this is John’s Story: I’m a senior physiotherapist in the Spinal Cord System of Care Programme in the NRH. I work as part of an inter-disciplinary team, linking closely with my colleagues in nursing, medical and other allied health professions on a daily basis. My day […]

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