Triobike Launch at the NRH

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New Triobike Service Launched!

The NRH has just launched an exciting brand-new service!

We are delighted to announce the NRH now has a Triobike on site for patients to enjoy.

The Triobike is an electric tricycle which will be piloted by trained NRH volunteers to enable patients to take a pleasurable trip on any of the three approved routes off site from the NRH.

These trips, lasting approximately one hour, are an exciting new way for adults and children in the NRH to enjoy being out in nature, providing a sense of freedom and a change of scenery.

We would like to thank NRH Volunteer Coordinator Jennifer Glansford for all her hard work in the setting up and coordinating of this very exciting project.

We would also like to thank Clara from Cycling Without Age for all her work in making this happen.

Lastly, we would like to say a special thanks to the two wonderful donors, Canada Life RE and a wonderful anonymous donor, who enabled the purchasing of this exciting new Triobike – as a result of this amazing support you have enabled this dream to become a reality for the NRH and the new adventures that come with it.

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