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Baby Grand Piano Donation

We are delighted to have received a donation of an additional Baby Grand Piano into the National Rehabilitation Hospital (NRH).  This very generous and thoughtful donation was made by Ciaran and Anna MacIntyre.  This piano has now found its new home in the recreational and dining area in the Poppy/Willow Units.  NRH patients in Poppy and Willow, who are part of the Brain Injury Rehabilitation Programme, will now be able to enjoy this wonderful gift.  Music Therapy plays a very important role in the rehabilitation journey of patients in the NRH:

“Music Therapy is the planned and intentional use of music-based methods to meet individuals’ emotional, social, physical, psychological, behavioural and communication needs. It is an integral part of the interdisciplinary intervention in the NRH, enabling the use of music-based methods to facilitate children and adult patients in achieving their rehabilitation goals, contributing towards each individual optimising their overall rehabilitation programme.”

Thanks to this wonderful donation, we now have a piano on each floor of the new NRH hospital development, for the benefit and enjoyment of our patients.

Thank you so much to Ciaran and Anna for this wonderful gift which will make a huge impact on the rehabilitation journeys of patients, now and into the future, in the NRH.

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