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4x4x48 Challenge Mission Complete

“On the 15th of April 27 members of the IrishPol batt consisting of 24 Irish soldiers from the 119 INF BN and 3 Polish colleagues took part in the grueling 4x4x48 created by David goggins.

We started our first run at 2000hrs on the 15th full of energy, spirits were high but as the hours went on and the miles were getting clocked on the legs the runs would be getting slightly slower just due to fatigue in legs and the lack of sleep. Most of us ended up staying in one big dorm for the 2 days which was brilliant it kept the craic going and kept everyone going when the 12am and 4 am alarm would be going off. One of the biggest things we had to keep on top of was hydration especially during the midday and 4pm run where temperatures were hitting high 20s at this stage but we all kept on top of it

Preparation was key to this event you needed to keep the same routine after each run which was stretch, shower , eat drink , sleep. You had to keep eating something after every run which sometimes was a 1 or 4 donuts….. 😂😂”

“We were blessed to have a soldier who is a physio back home so he put in brilliant work at all hours to try keep our bodies ticking over through the 48miles (77km) we would accumulate over the 2 days.

On 17th of April around 5pm after our last run the 119th INF came out in force to clap us all in. Everyone who began the event did finish it and it was a brilliant but tough experience and we couldn’t have done with a better group of people.”

“Thanks again to everyone for your support , donations and help through the organization and the event From the 119 INF BN 🇮🇪🇮🇪🇮🇪.”

Thank you so much to Tommy and all members of the IrishPol batt for organising and taking part in this incredible fundraising challenge while posted in the Lebanon. So far the group have raised over €4,800. This amazing support will make a huge difference to adults and children in the NRH on their rehabilitation journeys.

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